Olusegun Suulola’s GoshenSquare Estates spearheads efforts to safeguard buyers from fraudulent relatives in real estate transactions

In a concerning development within Nigeria’s real estate industry, unsuspecting property buyers have fallen prey to deceptive schemes orchestrated by fraudulent relatives in collusion with property agents. Olusegun Suulola, the visionary force behind GoshenSquare Estates, has emerged as a leading advocate for ensuring the protection of potential buyers and their hard-earned investments. Olusegun Suulola, the esteemed founder of GoshenSquare Estates, sheds light on this alarming trend, stating, “It is disheartening to witness the extent to which some relatives are willing to go for their own gain, disregarding the well-being of their loved ones. As a responsible real estate developer, we are committed to raising awareness and taking necessary precautions to safeguard buyers from such fraudulent schemes.” In an effort to shield buyers from exploitation, GoshenSquare Estates encourages prospective buyers to personally inspect properties of interest. By conducting firsthand inspections, buyers can verify property conditions, locations, and legitimacy, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to misleading information disseminated by dishonest relatives or agents.
Moreover, given the substantial investment involved in real estate transactions, buyers are urged to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before committing financially. Rushing into deals without proper due diligence leaves buyers vulnerable to exploitation and potential financial losses, making prudence a paramount consideration in every transaction. Olusegun Suulola stresses the significance of buyer education in real estate matters, asserting, “The involvement of family members does not automatically guarantee trustworthiness. It is crucial for buyers to conduct independent research, seek professional advice, and thoroughly verify the credibility of all agents involved in the transaction.” As the Nigerian real estate market continues to attract investments, Olusegun Suulola’s GoshenSquare Estates remains at the forefront of the industry, prioritizing buyer protection and advocating for increased awareness. Through vigilance, meticulous property inspections, and expert guidance, potential buyers can confidently secure their financial interests and make informed decisions when investing in real estate.
Source: Tribunal online